Our Story

We aim to give you the chance to party knowing that you’ve directly helped to reduce fabric waste in the U.K!

With around 1.2 million tonnes of fabric going to landfill each year, we couldn’t add to that by making our bunting from new fabric. So instead, we make all our bunting flags from fabric that would otherwise have gone to landfill.

We offer the option to either buy or hire from us. We can cater for celebrations and events of any size and custom requests are always welcome.

Our director Sharon took over the business in 2021. She is passionate about reducing waste and enjoys creating new products from materials that would otherwise end up on landfill.

Since 2021 we have supplied bunting to individuals, charities, organisations and the UK’s first truffle festival.

Our Mission


Reduce the amount of reusable fabric going to landfill


Create fun and unique products using waste materials


Provide a choice of eco friendly decorations for Sale and to Hire